Bicycle Walrus

Bicycle Walrus at the New York City Microsoft Store Studio.

Bicylce Walrus (often referred to as 'B-Dubs') is the founder and leader of DM21 Gaming, a full-time streamer, and partner. You can find him streaming every day on the Mixer DM21 Gaming channel along with his friends, associates, and the great and always welcoming DM21 Gaming community, and on YouTube.

He's an excellent game caster. Check out highlights of his peformances at the New York City Microsoft Store Studios on 5th Avenue.

Favorite games in 2018 include God of War, Monster Hunter: World, Spiderman PS4, and of course Pokemon: Let’s Go!, and Super Smash Bros, Ultimate.

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Tanatha is a Human Resource Manager by day and an online streamer by night. Warning for headset wearers: she screams while playing scary games. You can find her on

Favorite games in 2018 include Moonlighter, Forza Horizon, and Pokemon: Let’s Go!.


A full-time senior software engineer, Inigmas streams games, streams his inner dialog, streams distinct character voices during story narration. You can find him on

Favorite games in 2018 are Secret of Mana remake, Pokemon: Let’s Go! and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Moogie Moo

Moogie Moo, a Nintendo mom (before it was cool), played the Secret of Mana, Link, and Final Fantasy with her three sons while Walrus Prime was stationed in Korea. Born before Mario and Luigi appeared on TV screens, she’s ready to embrace her second childhood early, by catching up on classic and current video games.

Follow Moogie Moo on To find out more visit her YouTube channel and blog. You can also find her on Twitter.

Favorite games in 2018 are Minecraft, Secret of Mana remake, Pokemon: Let's Go!

If you really want to make her day, stop by Amazon and purchase The House on Moss Swamp Road. You'll be glad you did.